VizaServises Consultants, A Indian based company exclusively offering consultation services to students intending to pursue higher studies in different Universities and colleges around the Globe. VizaServises Consultants is a sister concern of Global Mobilization Society having its operations for the last one decade in the field of education, capacity-building, emancipation and empowerment of youth in India and in the process of establishing its own educational academy meeting international standards.

Our Strength
The core strength of VizaServises Consultants
Renowned Patrons and promoters (reputed Universities, Industries, and International NGO’s).
Network with sound partners (tie-up with 25 educational. Institutions and trusted membership of BHC UK)
Offering services on personality development, IELTS/TOEFL & Spoken English
Orientation on Global education system through reflective methodology.

Organization success lies in the hands of team we at VizaServises Consultants have a very professional and hardworking group of staff members.

Our success can be aptly described in terms of the credibility we have established with our clients. The success of every project depends on the team of people who are turned to believe the values and commitments of an organization and to maintain high standards in rendering services. The core strength of our group lies in being reliable, committed and cost effective in execution of services.

Our staff are divided according to individual process of Counseling, Trainings and as well as Visa Documentation.

Counseling Team:
All the members who are in this department are trained professionals from the Embassies and University officials. All the information provided for the students, Parents and Candidates are authenticated information. VizaServises Consultants staff is well dedicated and have a hands on experience as we have very low staff turnover ratio.

Training Team:
Staff in our Training and education team is professionals from Educational Background both teaching and counseling it to the students. All our staff is encouraged to take relative exams in order to understand the training modules in order to give best service advice for the students. For example a newly hired staff is trained for either IELTS/TOEFL and expects them to take the exam first and then upon successful completion of the course, the staffs then start their counseling to the students. This process enables us to give quality for the students and as well as developing staff skills which will enable them to co-relate to the students who are struggling.

“Success is a collective team effort” all the efforts of our marketing, counseling and as well as our teaching staff will only be fruitful when the administration team handles the paper work professionally and efficiently. We enjoy a 99% success rate in UK student Visas, an 88% success rate in USA student Visas, 85% success rate in NZ student Visas, A 99% Success rate in Germany Student Visas. 80% success rates in regards to Canada and Australia. Please note: (All the stats given are our students who have been processed through our own offices.*)

VizaServises Consultants provides free services to students:

Career Counseling
Keeping in view your individual profile and the professional market scenario, we would help you to make the best career choice.